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Blythe Scott

In 1969, Blythe Scott was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Being the daughter of two art teachers, it was very natural that Blythe should attend Art School herself, understanding that the creative journey would be a valuable and even essential journey in itself. It was during her daily journey to the Glasgow School of Art, that she began to notice the beauty of Glasgow’s Victorian architecture. The wrought iron detailing, the stained glass, the blond and red sandstone structures, all exuded a wealth of decoration and form on an imposing scale. Spending each day on the sixth floor of the Art School, she had the opportunity to survey the cohesive and inspiring architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the moody, ever-changing city skyline. The slate-covered roof tiles and domes she looked down upon, which were often glazed with rain, were to leave their mark and inspire an endless enquiry into architecture and the urban environment. At the same time, she further fed her appetite for beautiful cities by travelling as often and as widely as she could. Deepening her obsession for architecture and cityscape. While Glasgow offered a great deal of source material. Foreign cities seemed bathed in dazzling colour and light by comparison. Blythe graduated in 1991 with an honours degree and then in 1997, she achieved a post graduate with distinction in Art & Design Education from Strathclyde University. Since then, she has travelled to and lived in various cities around the world and has worked as a decorative artist, gallery artist, gallery assistant and a passionate teacher of adults and children. Most of her time is spent working with watercolour, acrylics, mixed media and collage, underpinned with rigorous drawing on a variety of scales. She also produces signed, open and limited edition prints, based upon the cities she knows well. Her work is in private and corporate collections in North America, the UK, mainland Europe and shot