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Cheryl Massey

A venture into the Northern Gulf Islands led Cheryl to discover her passion for weaving as she sat on a beach creating her first bird-nest-like basket from the grass that surrounded her.

Cheryl is a unique woman and artist that find’s inspiration through nature. She connects to the ocean and stays grounded to the earth by artistically combining the natural fabrics of bull kelp, cedar bark and tule rush. Under the teachings of established B.C. weavers, Cheryl transformed her inquisitive explorations into an art form, creating organic hats, baskets and bags. These organic materials with their vibrant colors and textures truly come to life when Cheryl infuses them with her love and life energy. She weaves them into beautiful shapes that truly represent the simplicity of our ancestors. These ancient woman who loved to weave and gather are expressed through Cheryl’s inspiring art. To own a piece of her art is a constant reminder to stay connected to nature. To attend one of her workshops will not only open your inner artist but also inspire you as a woman and a person.