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Christy Sverre

Art has always been a big part of my life. Ever since receiving my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 1981 I have been painting. I cannot get enough. It’s part of me and I love sharing it with you.

I am particularly interested in challenging the way we see things. My abstractions explore the possibilities of perception via my memory and feeling towards the subject.

My process starts with energetic and uncensored mark making, which I consciously bring into focus or leave just below the surface by adding and subtracting layers. Strong lines and a fearless use of colour define my work. Some of my work is more serious while others are more playful.

Influences range from Aboriginal dot painting, Contemporary Chinese brush painting, abstract expressionism and colour field painting. Travelling has also played a huge part. I have lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Texas, Newfoundland, Alberta; all have their own unique influence on my art.