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Janet Esseiva

janetJanet Esseiva was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to Canada with her young family in 1998 and now lives on Bowen Island, BC with her husband and two daughters. Inspiration: When I look at something and a place of deep knowing stirs, it’s time to get out the brushes…

Long Story: I have painted since I was a wee small child. I loved the application of colour to almost everything, especially to what I was wearing. Now I manage to get most of the paint on the canvas, and I actually own some clothes that are paint free.

My two greatest strengths are curiosity and analysis, an odd combination that is not always linked to artists. When I find a scene, a photograph or a painting that is visually striking, I lose myself in it. Then I start analysing and deconstructing the scene to figure out what it is that makes it so breathtaking. What is that “certain something”, that intangible, that make it a glorious celebration, an enchantment, an awakening, a coming face to face with an unnamed longing?

I have painted at the feet of many great artists, and learned a little of their secrets. I dabbled in several mediums before settling on acrylics, and have developed a healthy respect for the boundaries within which the different acrylic colours will react and behave. This has developed over the years with much experimentation and many mistakes that created invaluable opportunities for learning, such as when I watched in disbelief as a near complete painting disappeared down the drain after I impatiently scrubbed at a section under warm running water.