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Maureen Maryka

“Creativity in one form or another has always been a force in my life, either through art, music, or design. It has only been in the last few years that my desire to create has led me to the world of painting. With each new painting there is a new chance to play with colour, composition and light. Sometimes the process is challenging, but it is so rewarding to put the final brushstroke on the canvas, knowing you are truly satisfied. I strive to learn and improve, and, most importantly, enjoy painting for many years to come.”

I was raised in Calgary, attending the Alberta College of Art, the University of Calgary, and completing a Bachelor of Arts (English) at the University of Victoria. I’m married with two children. After spending ten years visiting Quadra Island in the summers, we finally decided to move to Quadra full-time in 2012. I am delighted to be working in my beautiful timber frame studio, with gorgeous view of the Discovery Passage.

I work mainly in acrylic, and occasionally oil and mixed media. The Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, the Group of Seven, as well as many current artists have had a great influence on how I paint. I believe colour and light are the essence of painting. Nature often provides us inspiration and a beautiful palette, but it’s the artist’s attention to light can make the colours dance on the canvas. Like the impressionists, my work often portrays visible brushstrokes, a suggestion of movement, and the idea of taking an ordinary view and creating something extraordinary from it. Vibrant colour is especially important to me, but I am careful to balance it with soft edges and quiet spaces.