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Zuzana Riha

My love for art and nature have been two intertwined pathways throughout my life. As an artist trained at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, I hungered to leave the city and find my place in nature. I soon found work as a back country ranger, working in various BC Parks, while achieving inspiration from the amazing landscapes of our province.
I eventually settled down in Revelstoke, and made my home in the mountains. Busy with raising children, being an active Search and Rescue technician, training SAR dogs, and working for Parks Canada, I could not seem to get away from the draw of my paintbrush.
Working in nature, building trails, sampling snow-packs and observing the beauty around me, gave me reason for creative outlet. I also led a few of Parks Canada’s ‘Art in the Park’ programs, which gave me new inspiration to take my art further.
Creating adventures to explore and see things has always been a passion of mine, but recently it has renewed its purpose, and boosted my creativity.
I am so privileged to live within such beauty, and love sharing the colour, light and form that connects me to my surroundings. I try to express these connections and experiences through my art and I hope this inspires people to get outside and experience beauty.
I work in all sorts of mediums, painting, sculpture, carving, illustrating, as I challenge myself to constantly create.